Aug 112012

A simple idea; an engaging speaker.


  3 Responses to “A TED Talk Worth Your Time”

  1. On a scale of 1 to 10, I have to give us a 4 or 5 on the TED scale. Orchards, Edible Garden Tours, Artist tours, Country Living Workshops, Beach School Gardeners and Gardeners Network activities are all supportive of this concept.
    Way to Go, Lummi Island.
    What’s Next?

  2. As I’ve watched — with delight — cedar waxwings & other birds devour fruits of native & “human” food plants I’ve planted the past few years, I’ve found myself wondering: Should we humans spend all our landscaping spaces, energies and efforts on planting for just humans? Or do The Others (non-human species) *genuinely* count, too? If so, what proportions of ‘vacant’ land, water etc might be planted and even tended primarily for The Others? Does the hunger, thirst, need for shelter etc of The Others matter, if any human being is hungry, thirsty or shelterless?

    I am definitely *not* asking one of those forced, poisonously false either-or questions. My query is in response to another very interesting TED talk by Jonathon Foley, “The Other Inconvenient Truth.” Foley raises data-based — and ethical — concerns with human agriculture that I rarely hear mentioned in Transition discussions of survival, landscaping, water use etc. Here’s the link:

  3. or, if you believe in conspiracies against the human species, then all this planting I’ve been doing is mostly going to the birds, bees, deer, rabbits, slugs and who knows who else that have decided Mike’s garden is the best buffet in town.

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