Name: Randolph (aka Randy) Smith

Education: Everett HS ’60, U of W, EVCC, Linfield College (BA History) ’64, Joint Forces Air Intelligence School, Flak Analysis School, Air Force Survival School Instructor’s Course, Army Interrogation School (short course), Monterrey Language School refresher course, Associate in Risk Management.

Occupation: Retired (Former laundry operator, former JC Penny shoe dog, former USFS fire crew member, former Civil Defense print shop assistant, former pots and pans washer, former Air Force Intelligence officer, former insurance underwriter, former insurance broker, former real estate manager, former golf course partner, former author, former book publisher.

Current activities: Reading, writing, golf, tai chi, yoga, ping pong, biking, walking, gardening, watching TV, chopping wood, carrying water, husbanding, grandfathering, fathering.

Purpose of blog: To create an interest among islanders to prepare for future contingencies.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I was quite moved. I’ll see you out on the trail, Wanda

  2. Thank you for being honest and vulnerable enough to share these personal reflections with us in such an artful way. They provide insightful snapshots of ever changing values shared by many in our culture. As you said, it’s all to easy for us to rationalize thoughts and actions with words and clever disguises. In the end “right” and “wrong” will always be debatable but can be best approximated by critically analyzing how our actions effect others. The more I see people doing this, the more it offers me hope for our collective future. It encourages others to risk doing the same, to do what some part of them, the deepest part, knows is right for that moment. To know when to participate and “go with the flow” and when to take a stand-when the collective tide is pulling us all towards the rocks.

  3. I understand, that on Mar 25, 2007, SSB 6207, also known as the “Golf Cart Zone” law was adopted by the state of Washington. I wonder if anyone on Lummi Island is interested in asking the County Coucil to adopt a resolution, to allow this law to be applied to Lummi Island, to help alleviate our ferry and traffic situation.

  4. Correct Law adoption date from 2007 to 2010…..

  5. For islanders interested in water purification I offer the following address for the web site of Blue Future Filters Inc. I know Mr.Blackburn and he has told me that he would be interested in giving a talk about what he does and the systems Blue Future Filters provides. If there is islander interest I will be glad to help arrange a visit by him. I have already suggested that LICA consider hosting him as a guest speaker and the LICA board said they would consider asking him if there is “enough interest.”

  6. Randy, I’m using this tab to see if this website is sufficient to start a dynamic dialog among islanders on day to day transitional stuff. If this is not permitted or proves to mess up the blog, then lash me to the big apple tree at Curry and administer a proper flogging.

  7. Nicole Foss just rose to super-hero status in my mind after her enlightening, serious, funny, thought-provoking, and thoroughly credible lecture last night.
    The one thing that hit me over the head is this. If just some of what see proposes is posible about reaching the cliff on either energy or the economy is correct, then we are not moving nearly fast enough to get off the tracks before the freight rolls through town.
    Orchard #1is in. Orchard #2 is in the ‘permitting stage’.
    That’s one or two per year. That’s not fast enough.
    Getting more than a handful of volunteers out to Curry is difficult, but we’re just starting.

  8. We need ways to increase our skill levels, our bartering system, our monetary units on the island, our self-reliance and mutual trust of one another.
    Could you add a couple of tabs at the top of the blog home page to include a couple of simple ‘sequential’ posting categories. I’d like to start with two new tabs, called BARTER and EVENTS.
    Barter can be a simple place to post up items we have for trade or free, our skills we would like to barter for other goods or services. It would update as new items are posted. Anyone abusing the privileged could be blocked from further access (I think), and only real names.
    ‘Events’ can be sequential also, with SKILL training opportunities coming up, meetings, lectures, etc happening on the island. From time to time, someone can delete all the old entries, and start from scratch when it gets to cumbersome.

  9. This could be a ‘quick start’, no hassle way to start doing more, without trying to get a new website up and running and keeping things simple. OK, that’s four postings. Let’s see what happens.

  10. I’m supportive of Mike’s ideas for BARTER and EVENTS — whether added as tabs on this site, or on another Lummi Island web site. Both seem like practical steps that could be taken now, to begin helping local folks become more locally sustainable (and help the island community become more self-sufficient).

    I think lots of islanders would enjoy the opportunities that this type of information exchange could offer.