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The recent discussion on Nextdoor about UFO’s reminds me that I haven’t covered everything that could tip the balance of the way we currently live. Obviously, alien invasion/infiltration should be included in my list of possible crises that could change our society. And, I had no idea that Lummi was a hot spot for alien spacecraft.

Back in the very early fifties my friend Dicky and I were avid UFO investigators checking out every book the Vancouver, Washington library had on the subject. We would lurk about Lake Vancouver as late as Dicky’s parents would let us, trying to spot a UFO or, better yet, get abducted. That sounded like a lot of fun. This kind of curiosity and sense of adventure no doubt served Dicky well in his career as an agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I lost track of Dicky and am guessing that he might finally have been abducted. I expect the aliens would like to know what Dicky and I knew.

I continued to pay some attention to the UFO phenomena, never discounted the possibility, watched some X Files, etc. but never could be certain that it was something I needed to worry about. After all, what can be done against civilizations so advanced as the ones who created the UFOs we occasionally read about?

For a period of time in my life, one year to be exact, I was in the thick of things as part of Project Blue Book. This was an effort by the US Air Force to systematically study unidentified flying objects. The way this worked was that if a UFO sighting was reported it was channeled to the closest Air Force Base where the report was assigned to one of the Wing Intelligence Officers to investigate. That’s where I came in. We used to fight over these assignments. We’d get to check out a government vehicle, put on our class A uniform and go interview the person who made the report. I was enjoying a delightful year in Tampa, Florida and Project Blue Book was one of the year’s highlights.

Two officers went on each call. Lt. Billy Joe and I got to visit a very  weathly and attractive young woman in St. Pete who served us coffee in bone china cups as she described her sighting which turned out to be Venus. The whole thing should have lasted five minutes but Billy Joe and I stretched it out to a couple of hours, standing where she stood, drawing diagrams and getting her to tell it a couple of times while we stared attentively.

In another case we were in back country Florida on a set out of Deliverance with a bunch of crackers who talked all at once and presented us with a 3′ x 5′ drawing showing the space ships and how they hovered over the telephone lines.

There was the case of obvious fraud where we drove for hours to determine that someone, possibly the reporter of the incident, had made a device to imprint what was supposed to be landing gear marks in the dirt. We saw the device leaning up against the side of the house.

My favorite has always been this description: “Ma’am, can you tell us what it looked like?” Response: “It looked like a despondent woman’s bosom.”

Our experience as a Project Blue Book investigators was pretty much as the same as the Air Force’s final conclusion: “There was no evidence indicating that sightings categorized as “unidentified” were extraterrestrial vehicles.”(Obviously, some kind of cover up).

I will  be interested to learn more about Lummi Island UFO sightings. I expect they may be interested in us because of our excellent ferry service. More likely, they have heard about the Willows Inn.


  8 Responses to “Alien Invasion??”

  1. I’ve noticed the tables at the the Beach Cafe have been much fuller since the story broke on Nextdoor.
    Coincidence? I don’t think so. Are all those strange faces running around the island really from Iowa or perhaps much, much further away?
    I’ve got a pretty good view of Legoe Bay, and will continue on with my 24/7 coast watch duties. When the Island Intercom starts to crackle with reports of strange looking ships, you better head for the bunkers (and you thought all those concrete trucks were for housing… Ha)

  2. Was that a Sasquatch I just saw?

  3. Lummi Island is a UFO hot spot? Really? Tell us more, please. Inquiring minds want to know. BTW, used to be a complete agnostic until I saw filmaker Jim Fox’s documentary “I Know What I Saw” on the History Channel about a year ago, now on YouTube in complete form. Thus piqued, have since discovered many more quality programs there. If interested, search for the incident at Rendlesham Forest nearby the US Air Force base in England in 1980, the triangle UFO wave in Belgium in the early 90’s, and the now infamous “Phoenix Lights” of March 13, 1997. If you have even a passing interest in the phenomenon (as I did) you won’t be disappointed.

  4. The aliens are causing climate change. They come from a planet named Agenda 21, which is far hotter than current Earth. Once we mammals are scorched off, they’ll have a whole new planet to populate. No human conspiracy needed when there are ETs lurking about.

  5. Agenda 21. I suspected as much. Thanks for the confirmation.

  6. Whidbey is missing a large # of pet cats this winter … hmmmm.

  7. Mike, there’s probably a website that tracks UFO’s so you can get an email notifying you when one is headed this way. Might save you some time so you can track that Sasquatch. Be sure to take your cell phone so you can receive the emails, though!

  8. Thanks Nancy. I just joined your newest website http://www.ufotracker.org/ and mailed in my generous donation. Let me know when you get the check.

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