Mar 042011

Anyone interested in working on the Heritage Trust Curry Preserve Apple Tree Project is welcome to come to a meeting at my house Monday, March 7 at 4pm. Email me for directions if you would like to come and don’t know how to find me.

We will try and take care of business in one hour flat as many people will also be attending the Gardener’s Network meeting at the fire hall at 6:30pm.

The Trust has lots of questions about how we are going to go about planting and maintaining these trees which will be for the benefit of Lummi Islanders so we will attempt to come up with a detailed plan to answer their questions.
They would like to know:
“Who is the group’s coordinator and how is that role chosen?”

“Who handles the group’s finances and how shall each steward contribute
to costs?”

“How are work parties organized and what are the expectations of stewards
to do ongoing mowing, tree planting and maintenance (#4, #6, #7 below.)”
Referring to my proposed agenda on deciding the following:
1. Number of trees
2. Varieties
3. Planting plan
4. Fencing/vole and field mice protection
5. Hole digging
6. Watering
7. Maintenance/ pruning. spraying, thinning.
8. On-going costs.
9. Harvesting

If you can’t attend but have suggestions, advice, recommendations or caveats send me an email.

We are appreciative of contributions that have been made to the project so far. We can use more in order to be able to plant more trees. Tax deductible donations can be made to Lummi Island Heritage Trust. Please note on your check that the Curry Preserve Apple Tree Project is to be the beneficiary of your donation.


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