Nov 282011

My guess is that everyone has some pretty good ideas of items to stockpile that would be particularly useful and helpful in an era of shortages. I’m going to nominate baking soda which is a miraculous substance with many uses. Costco sells baking soda in 13 lb bags for less than a dollar a pound. For a few bucks it’s pretty easy to accumulate a significant amount of this useful natural substance.

Let’s start with the most controversial use of baking soda—the cancer treatment of Italian doctor Dr. Tullio Simoncini. You may be interested in reading more about Dr. Simoncini but, briefly, he believes that cancer is caused by a fungus and that baking soda can alkalize the blood creating an environment unfavorable to fungal growth.

This website lists many uses for baking soda which is effective for types of cleaning chores, first aid, acid neutralization and even fire fighting. I use it for toothpaste, as an antacid, to alkalize when I feel a cold coming on and in the bath.

Dr. Mark Sircus has written extensively about baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) and has an ebook available which details the medical uses of this inexpensive substance.

Baking soda is almost a miracle substance. It’s cheap. Right now it’s available. Keeping fifty to one hundred pounds of it on hand is not unreasonable.

What do you recommend?


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  1. People watching their Sodium intake should use care.

  2. Well, if you are concerned about sodium intake, probably due to hypertension, there’s lots of other stuff you ought to avoid before worrying about a baking soda bath. No table salt, no processed (especially canned) food, no caffeine, etc. etc.

  3. A friend uses it to control the moss on his roof.

  4. Canning jars and seals.

  5. I’m going try some on the moss

  6. Canning jars and lids may be worth an entire blog.

  7. love the stuff, have boxes of it. hadn’t heard about controlling moss on the roof, though. any idea about the concentration, ed?

  8. Household Bleach. It’s cheap and could save your life if power goes out for prolonged periods. A teaspoon full in 5 gallons of water will zap most of the nasties that you really don’t want wiggling around inside after collecting some drinking water from your favorite culvert.
    Non-ethanol gas is another favorite, plus some fuel stableizer. Today’s fuels are notorious for going bad in a couple of months, and soaking up moisture. Farmers Coop in Ferndale sells it, as well as Union 76 on Bakerview/I-5 exit.

  9. Wynne, my friend buys it in bulk at Costco, and sprinkles a light coating on his roof once a year. I have not tried it, but keep thinking I should.

  10. I disagree about stocking up on gas. I don’t think we need a lot of pockets of aging fuel storage tanks all over the Island. Big time fire hazard. Instead, I’d suggest stocking up on hand tools, sharpening supplies, etc., so we don’t need gas. Or consider biodiesel or something safer than gas.

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