May 132011

A new pastime is sweeping the island. It’s very relaxing. Requires no energy. It’s a nice way to relax.

It’s BeeTV!

Bob Anderson enjoying BeeTV with local blogger

Today, as I write this, it’s raining and there’s nothing on. I expect the bees are huddled together, shivering, trying to keep the queen warm and happy. Yesterday, though, they were in the garden working on the bolted kale and I could see their little pollen sacks were full.

Zippy drops by to check it out

Lots of people have been recommending this video

Watching BeeTV is like watching Star Wars with little airships launching themselves from and returning to the hive. The activity around the entrance is frenetic. Native, wild bees and other pollinators are just as important as the honeybee. Because of their hiving characteristic, the honeybee just makes for better viewing.

There are reportedly 4000 species and sub-species of bee in the United States. Of these, 400 or so are social. That is, they congregate in a hive. The best known social bee is the honey bee. Not a native, it was brought to North and South America by European settlers.

Drop by and watch for awhile if you are in the mood. (EpiPens not provided).


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  1. It looks like a hobby horse.
    Have you guys tried to do 8 seconds on it yet?

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