Mar 192016

Originally, I was blogging about sustainability and self-reliance as a general subject and, specifically, how it might be important on Lummi Island in the future.

Green woodworking actually falls into the broad category of self-reliance because with some basic skills and a few specialized hand tools, one can make a variety of objects useful around the home, e.g. spoons, forks, plates, bowls, vases, cutting boards, pipes, ladles, cups, storage containers all from trees or shrubs found within walking distance from home. A skilled woodworker can even make musical instruments. We have more than one person on the island who can make violins (although not specifically green woodworking, an awful lot of carving is involved).

After a friend showed me this video I decided to try and carve a set of bones.

The bones are a folk percussion instrument that has deep roots in history. Most of us are probably more familiar with “playing the spoons.” There is something satisfying about playing rhythms on something you made yourself.

I had a pair of carved wood bones to use as a model. I thought it would be easy but it wasn’t. It was difficult to get the curve the same and to make a matching pair.

I used maple and they came out okay and sound really good.


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