Apr 042012

The Grange Country Living Series of workshops is off to a great start. This past Saturday twenty very hardy souls braved rain, cold and wind to learn about the science and art of fruit tree pruning. Not everyone made it to the end of the session but most stayed long enough to increase their knowledge of how to prune a fruit tree and the basics of proper tools, limb collars, apical dominance, and thinning. We hope to do more on fruit trees in the future and, as always, are open to suggestions on volunteers to conduct classes.

On the drawing boards is a workshop on backyard chickens which we hope to get scheduled soon plus one on basic chainsaw maintenance and safety.

Right now here’s what is scheduled for April.

April 28 Bread and Cheese Making

Location: Kjirsten Satter’s house on Centerview 11am
Class cost = $5.00 for materials provided by instructor (Susan Chidester)
Class size limited to 5 people, call Sue at 360 739-2954 to sign up.
(Three spots still available)
“We’ll be making a light oat bread, a pizza dough, and a simple mozzarella cheese

Equipment and Ingredients to bring.
Please bring a good quality flour, (gold medal, Bob’s Redmill, King Arthur Flour- all of these should be unbleached all purpose white) Please do not bring Eagle Mills from Costco.
A pottery type bread bowl
A regular 9 inch loaf pan or 8×8 inch baking pan (if you prefer to make rolls)
Gallon size zip lock bag
1 gallon of whole milk (not ultra-pasteurized like Darigold) goat milk works too.
Stainless steel pan big enough to hold a gallon of milk with room to stir
Meat or cheese thermometer that has a range of below 55 degrees and above 100 if you have one. Candy thermometers won’t work.
If you are interested in receiving a sour dough starter please bring a pint size canning jar with lid.
Class will end with everyone eating the demo pizza. Class time 2 to 3 hours depending on questions and eating.”

Sunday April 29, 12pm – 4pm Cheese Making
Where Grange Hall
Instructor: Mary Stack

Mary will teach how to make Lemon Paneer from India, Queso Blanco from
Mexico and the start of Feta from Greece which takes 8 days to complete.

If you have a 6 qt pot with a heavy base and/or a candy thermometer, please contact Mary @  stackmary@aol.com regarding use during class.

There is room for about a dozen people in this class. RSVP via email to Mary.


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  1. Mike Moye looks discouraged.
    He had to check his chain saw at the gate.

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