Jun 102011

Those of us who get fired up about such things as Transition can become a bit disappointed when others aren’t as enthusiastic. It’s hard to get things changed on a broad basis. For one reason we have a limited pool of doers, folks who are shovel ready. People are busy with other things. They have other priorities. Not everything we would like to do will get done. But, we have to do what we can do and take satisfaction in that and even celebrate our failures.

Take the time to watch this very amusing film from Hay-on-Wye Transition (Wales). The filmmaker captures the essence of the problem we face in trying to move things along. (21 minutes and 46 seconds).


  2 Responses to “Celebrating Failure”

  1. A good view, as I prepare to take my transcendental re-useable shopping bag across on our diesel powered ferry, so I may fill the nearly empty gas tank on my pickup truck, and purchase some organic slug bait for the veggies in our community garden plot, and re-orient my mindset on how soon my world will collapse around me, due the unthinking masses ruining our World, and how I can get them to change. How was it the Scarlett phrased it in “Gone With The Wind”? Oh I can’t think about this now! I’ll go crazy if I do! I’ll think about it tomorrow……….

  2. On the other hand, I have a few good beets growing in our lummi garden and we mostly weed it by hand and we are feeling good about the prospects for my beans and lettuce and maybe tomatoes. Tomorrow we will eat from our garden and I will share some of what I grow with other here. What else is there to do but doing alittle bit each day and honoring and celebrating life.

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