Jun 132011

Our son has been lobbying hard against the planned coal transshipment operation in Ferndale and managed to get an op ed published this morning by the Seattle Times:

The cherry pit: Bellingham area as a gateway of coal to China

Guest columnist Noble Smith argues against a proposal to allow a terminal near Bellingham to serve as a shipping point for China-bound coal.

By Noble Smith

Special to The Times

Read the whole thing by clicking this link



  2 Responses to “Coal and Trains”

  1. If we don’t ship the Chinese our coal how are they going to manufacture all that cheap plastic crap they ship back to Walmart and in turn get our worthless dollars to buy our bogus U.S. bonds. The curtain might be drawn back and we might see the toothless, wrinkled old man behind everything.

  2. Thanks for providing the link. And kudos to Noble for writing and publishing this piece. It’s good to know that Noble and others like Rob Ferris are working to highlight these issues (full impacts & costs) outside of Whatcom County. Even if the max # of ‘new’ Whatcom County jobs some years down the road were accurate (those #s are a big piece of the project’s high-profile, high-cost sales pitch) were correct, the actual net value of those jobs can’t be understood without also knowing the full costs, not just to (the few) in Whatcom County but all the further south and west who won’t gain jobs or income, only costly infrastructure and environmental impact.

    Now if the private allegedly capitalist companies wanting this project (SSA, Burlington Northern) were willing to pay the *full* costs of the project (improvements to transportation infrastructure and NO tax breaks/taxpayer subsidies, for example) … but fat chance of that happening, these days.

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