Jun 212010

In this documentary film Mike Ruppert, who I have mentioned before, sits alone in a room that looks like a cell and chain smokes while he schools an interviewer (the film’s director Chris Smith) as to why civilization will soon collapse. It’s all about the oil. And the oil is all about greed. And money is the root of all evil as we once learned but then forgot.

Oil makes the world go round and it appears that oil, especially with the Gulf in crisis and possibly ready to explode, will be the end of us. Ruppert points out as many have that oil is the lubricant of modern civilization, the real fabric of our lives. It takes oil to drill oil and oil is required to make alternatives to oil. Oil is ubiquitous. It is oil, in fact, that is responsible for the quantum leap in world population. When the oil declines, civilization will decline as well. We will go into a long period of transition. Populations will shrink. To prepare people will need to build lifeboats. That is, strong family and community groups for everything will be local. Government will be out of money.

Ruppert is optimistic to the point of offering that one doesn’t have to be completely prepared for the future apocalypse. He points out that if you are camping with a bunch of people and a bear comes into camp you don’t have to outrun the bear. You just have to run faster than the slowest camper.

When this film was made Ruppert was down and out, unable to pay his rent and facing eviction. Collapse has given him, at least, new life, a new look and possibly some walking around money for in the bonus features to the DVD released on Netflix 6-15-10 he’s almost giddy with the recognition he’s received. Probably boosted book sales as well and brought him investors for his new website collapsenet.com.

I’m happy for him. I also hope he’s wrong about everything. Unfortunately, I think he’s right.

The film is worth a look. 83% on Rottentomatoes.com.


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