Mar 042012

There’s been a really positive reaction to the announcement of the Lummi Island Grange’s Country Living Series Workshops.

Lot’s of good suggestions and people stepping up to lead classes and teach their neighbor’s what they know about self-sufficiency and self-reliance.

One of the keys to the whole Transition Movement is the idea that everything has to be more locally oriented. That starts with what we eat.

We are pleased to announce that Nancy Ging, who writes the Whatcom Locavore Blog and a weekly column in the Bellingham Herald on eating local will offer a workshop on the subject of Eating Local at the Grange, March 24 at 10am:

What is a locavore? Are there good reasons you might want to become one?
Explore why eating local, seasonal food is important.
You’ll learn how to find and use local farm stores, CSA programs (Community Supported Agriculture), u-pick crops, and farmers markets.
Find out why local foods are often a healthier eating choice, and how food preservation skills can help you span the winter “hunger gap” with ease and panache. Discover how using local ingredients can make cooking faster and easier, and get suggestions for adapting recipes when some ingredients are not locally produced.
Most important of all, find out how eating local foods can be fun, and can enrich your eating experience.

Look for the posting of this event on Nextdoor and RSVP or just show up.


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