Jun 252010

I never watch horror movies. Don’t have to. Just read the news. A gusher in the Gulf, a true life Armageddon, whose impact is real and immediate. And even in face of oil company malfeasance BP is being allowed (via loopholes in the off shore drilling moratorium) to drill another risky deep well in the Arctic. They will drill two miles under the sea and six to eight miles horizontally.

Stanley McChrystal, a general with four stars, is brought to ground by Rolling Stone Magazine. Mr. Obama discovers he does, in fact, have a spine and fires the general who as part of his CV was responsible for the coverup in the death of football hero Pat Tillman.   Armchair warriors like Michael O’Hanlon think firing Stanley was wrong because we are now entering “the most crucial six months” of the Afgan war (which has been going on for eight and a half years!).

New single-family home sales collapsed by 32.7%  in May 2010 to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 300,000, the lowest recorded level of sales in the history of keeping these records. This, of course, means that house prices will continue to drop until someone can afford to buy one. Listings on Lummi Island are at sixty. Perhaps a record high.

Illinois, Connecticut, Indiana, New Jersey, Hawaii, Louisiana and Oklahoma will run out of money to pay pensions by 2020.

And it’s no fun to shop in Canada anymore with the Loonie nearly at par.

So, it’s not a surprise to me that people want to keep their heads down and not think about the horror story, hoping that something good will happen; that we’ll find a giant straw to suck up all that oil, that the Arctic snows won’t get blackened, that General Petraeus will win a war against the wily Afgans and perhaps march home to run for President,  that housing will come back and we can all have a Great Room to sit in, that the states will find a way, and that the Canadians will quit taking up all the parking spaces at the Bellingham Airport.

While the macro picture is bad we can, at least, work on the micro aspect of our group dilemma by moving toward an increasing self-sufficiency and self-reliance.

If I could only quit reading the news…


  2 Responses to “Don’t Like Horror Movies?”

  1. I am now seriously limiting myself in time spent reading ‘news’ on the computer. It helps.

    Never did like horror movies.

  2. Here’s a link to the path one man took in dealing with The (environmental) Horror he faced in the San Francisco area decades ago, courtesy of Yes! magazine.,


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