Jul 132010

It’s about this time of year that a gardener starts to get that smug look on his or her face. And who wouldn’t when you can walk out into your yard and pick three or four kinds of lettuce that you will never find in the grocery store because it doesn’t like to travel 1500 miles or live in plastic containers. Right now we have Australian Yellow Leaf, Crispy Mint and Flashy (part of my all volunteer army). Add some baby Bok Choi, arugula, tiny carrots from thinning, nasturtiums, fresh peas right out of the pod and a bell pepper and you’ve got one hell of a salad.

Cherry tomatoes are a not too far away. The beans are climbing the poles. A couple vines are all the way to the top. Cucumbers are starting take over their rows.  Squash vines are crawling though out the garden. Potatoes are blooming. Some of the corn is knee high and there are beets as big as softballs.

It doesn’t take much of a space to grow a tremendous array of veggies. If you take the Lummi Island Edible Garden Tour on Sunday July 18 you will see a broad spectrum of gardening possibilities. There are several  new gardeners and gardens on the tour and you will get many ideas on how to proceed and learn what is possible.

Gardening is fun. It’s relaxing and the returns are real and tasty.

My onions are popping out of the ground. Shallots stems are so heavy they are toppling over. Brocolli, cabbage, radicchio, endive, carrots, turnips are coming on strong. I tried to wait on the garlic until the tour but had to harvest it yesterday.


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