Jul 282011

Community Garden at the Curry Preserve

Saturday seventeen local vegetable gardens will be open to the public for visiting and discussing veggies with local gardeners. There are ten gardens in the morning session (9am to 12pm) and eight gardens in the afternoon session (1:30pm to 4:30pm). Molly and Dave Harmony’s fabulous garden and orchard will be open for both sessions.

Tickets are dirt cheap as befits a gardening event—$5 per individual or $10 for the entire family. All proceeds benefit the Beach School through the Beach School Foundation. T-shirts memorializing this event are available for $15 and if you buy a T-shirt it is your ticket to visit each of these gardens.

Home gardening has had a resurgence around the country and Lummi Island is in the vanguard of this movement. These aren’t the only vegetable gardens on our island. Only a few of them. But they offer a good cross section of what is going on.

Gardens on the tour for the first time are Betty Bocock’s on Constitution. This is a 25 year old family garden that I’m personally looking forward to seeing.

Ingrid and John McGary’s garden on Sunnyhill Lane is on the tour. I have seen their garden and it’s worth a visit. Plus the view from Sunnyhill is the proverbial “million dollar view.”

Joann and Tom Philpot’s garden will be on display. They describe it as a simple garden with raised beds.

And, Henry Austin has kindly put out the welcome mat at Migley Point. If you missed him last year, here’s another chance to see a very nice garden and Migley Point too.

There’s a new crew this year at Nettles Farm. Don’t forget that one.

Each garden on the tour is worth a stop. There’s big ones and little ones. You’ll get ideas and inspiration and of you aren’t into home gardening yet you’ll see that it’s not that hard.

This map might be hard to read but it will give you the idea. Pick up at map at the store or Saturday market and head out on the tour.


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  1. as of ~noon today (Friday) maps are not at the islander.

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