May 202010

Old School Garden in Totnes, UK

An Energy Descent Plan is the a significant achievement in the Transition Town Movement. I’ve been interested to read one in it’s entirety. Totnes, UK has one of the first and it’s available on the web as a hyperlink file.  They describe their plan:

“What you are about to read is as much a story as it is a community plan. It is a story about how a Devon town and its surrounding parishes embarked on an extraordinary journey, starting in 2009, harnessing all of its creativity and brilliance to re-imagine itself for a rapidly changing world. It is the story of ordinary people who came to see that their future would be very different from the present, and that that change was an inevitability. Rather than panic, switch off or slump into denial of the changes building around them, they took the braver, more testing, but ultimately more nourishing route, of seeing that change as a tremendous and historic opportunity.
Like all great adventure stories, it begins with ordinary people faced with a task the scale of which initially looks impossible. By taking the first steps and rediscovering how to work with each other, skills, strengths and previously unimagined inner resources were uncovered, and a scale of transformation was achieved that 20 years later, (will be) the subject of the songs and stories of the generation that followed them.”

This is a book length piece of work that begins in the past, visions the future then adds layers of detail.

Worth taking a look at what a community has planned for itself.


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