May 272010

Steve Solomon, who started Territorial Seed and has written books specifically for NW gardeners now lives in Tasmania and is writing for a web site down under. You can read about COF (Complete Organic Fertilizer in his books Gardening When It Counts and Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades. But he has also written a very detailed article on fertilizers including manures which is worth a read for any gardener.

“The perfect fertilizer for home-garden vegetable crops would be a dry, odourless, finely-powdered, completely organic material that would not burn leaves”

Steve tells you how to make it at home and why it will work.

Gardening requires extreme patience. Here’s a quote from Steve Solomon from his Yahoo Group yesterday:

“I’ve been veggie gardening for 35+ years now and did not start being really good at it
until I had close to 20 years experience.”


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