Oct 042011

Food Matters, an 1:12 minute film, is available to watch free for a couple more days—until Oct. 8.

The film asks this question: What would happen if people ate lots of fresh, often raw, nutritious food? Their answer is there would be an epidemic of good health. Food Matters covers a lot of territory including: raw food, vitamin supplementation, superfoods, the Ornish diet, lifestyle changes, the failure of modern medicine to prescribe nutrition, the business benefits of poor health and chronic disease, Linus Pauling, the manipulation of studies, the blacklisting of studies that don’t support the pharmaceutical POV.

Lots of interesting material which may or may not be news to you. One of the main interviews is with David Wolfe, a vibrant looking young fellow who I first met almost twenty years ago and who is the poster boy of the raw food movement. I must say that David hasn’t aged a bit since 1992 when I met him which speaks well for raw foods. Fortunately, you only get a bit of the raw fanaticism (they say “cooked food is poison”) instead suggesting that slightly more than half one’s daily diet should be raw. Good advice, I think.

Another primary interview in the film is a nutritionist who is editor of the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine. Articles in this Journal don’t get indexed and are difficult to find. He spends a lot of time explaining why the pharmaceutical industry attacks vitamins and crocks studies that are based on low doses, doses that don’t reach theraputic level.

Most of the health problems in this country are caused by lifestyle of which diet is primary. Too much fat, sugar and empty calories—food void of nutrition. Unfortunately, there is no money to be made by encouraging people to change their diet or to remineralize the soil. Charlotte Gerson of the Gerson Clinic in Mexico argues that our food is deficient. Our supermarket produce is old and often from far away.

Food is the key. It’s very important that we grow much of our own food and, at least, eat locally. At the same time we need to make and effort to understand that if we want the highest quality, most nutritious, nutrient dense food that we have to build and amend our soil so we can achieve the highest benefit possible.

Food Matters.


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