Dec 122011

One of the rock stars of political blogging is Glenn Greenwald whose internet home is on

Glenn is one of the clearest thinkers in the business and is my first stop on the internet each day. (You may have to subscribe to Salon Premium at $30 a year to be able to read him). Greenwald is a very young man whose intelligence and precision arguments are so compelling that few who disagree with him wish to actively engage him. One other prominent blogger refers to him as “Glennzilla.”

His background is as a First Amendment lawyer protecting free speech. Over the last several years he has morphed into a powerful voice who, on a daily basis, speaks truth to power. He is also one of those rare individuals who can verbalize extemporaneously as well as he writes. If you watch cable news you have probably seen Glenn appear as a talking head to take the side of Wikileaks or rail against the erosion of due process in our legal system. His most recent book is titled, “With Liberty and Justice for Some: How the Law is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful.”

I marvel at someone so bright and articulate and who demonstrates such consistent clarity of thought. Mr. Greenwald recently sat for an hour long interview at UC Berkeley’s Conversations With History series. If you haven’t been following Greenwald’s blog, this 57 minute interview is well worth your time. If you watch it you’ll know a lot more about what’s going on then you did before watching.


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  1. As a big fan of Glenn Greenwald, I thank you for bringing him to the attention of your readers. Please keep the good stuff coming.


  2. I swear by anything this guy writes! To your fine line-up of trust-worthy media personalities to know about, I would put Amy Goodman’s name, too. Democracy Now! can be heard on KUGS, 7:00 am and 7:00 pm, or watched online. (You can get GG on without subscribing, but you need to put up with annoying commercials).

  3. Follow up on the detention bill….Glenn’s latest….reality:

  4. Glenn dispels the myths around the detention bill….must read:

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