Oct 172011

Many people don’t take the threat of genetically modified food seriously. Therefore, courtesy of Natural News, I offer the first annual Transitionlummiisland.com GMO film festival.

(Click the link to view these short films).

Even Animals Refuse to Eat GMO

How GMOs Turn Your Babies Into Medical Experiments

How GMOs May Turn Your Body Into a Pesticide Factory

How GMO Research Is Rigged Using Fraudulent Science

Cap the GMO Gene Spill

Institute for Responsible Technology

We need to keep our eye on the California initiative that calls for mandatory labeling of GMO food.


  3 Responses to “GMO Film Festival”

  1. It is interesting what happens when we mess with seeds. I find today’s article in the Seattle newspaper interesting, on what happens when we mess with Salmon: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/nationworld/2016533103_salmon18.html

  2. I have to admit, Randy, that instead of the “first annual” I hope this is the “last annual” such film festival.

  3. GMOs cause me to get more sick to my stomach than nearly any environmental problem these days…I went to a talk at WWU last week by a farmer from Saskatchewan that has been fighting Monsanto since the mid to late 90s, and has won some important battles. But he stated some things that made me feel so hopeless and helpless. We all need to become more educated on this issue.

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