Jun 192012

Here’s what’s coming up with the Grange Country Living Series:

June 28, Molly Harmoney will provide an introduction to winemaking and tell us what we need to do to get started making our own vino. At the Grange. 7pm

July 9, The Whatcom Master Gardener’s Grow Your Own Vegetables team will return to continue their instruction on how to properly save seed. At the Grange. 6:30pm

July 14, Mike Moye will school amateur chain sawers on proper and safe use of the chain saw and basic maintenance. At Mike’s place at the end of Constitution. 10am

July 17 Kimchi Workshop with Robert Keller (at the Grange at 4pm) who writes the following:
My first tour in the military was in South Korea and while there I developed
a love for the food and especially the fermented vegetables known as kimchi.
While you can purchase kimchi, it is fairly easy to make and since others
have been eating more of the kimchi I make then I get to… I figured it is
time to entice a few more islanders to make it too. You can make kimchi from
a fairly large variety of veggies, but we are going to focus on kimchi using
Daikon radishes to make Kkakdugi. Kkakdugi is a type of kimchi made from diced Daikon radish. It’s a very
common kind of kimchi and often used in Korean everyday meals along with
baechu kimchi (napa cabbage kimchi).

Learners need only bring one cleaned and labeled quart jar with tight
fitting lid, otherwise all ingredients will be provided. A few volunteers
will be required to help chop stuff up, mix it and jar it while we discuss
sourcing ingredients, variations on the recipes and the purported health
benefits of eating kimchi. Note that the sterilization requirements of
traditional canning are not required our jars.
Cost $5
Must bring one quart jar
Limit to 25 persons
Time 60~90 minutes
Credit to http://www.maangchi.com/recipe/kkakdugi which is my favorite
kimchi web site.
See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kimchi

August 8, Rag Rugs with Karen Kupka (at the Grange at 7pm) who provides these details about the workshop:

Students will learn to make a circular rag rug.
You will need to bring the following:
A needle and thread
A tool for knotting the rug: you can use a large bobby pin, a locker hook (available at http://www.joann.com/locker-needle-hook/prd34691/) or a customized toothbrush (cut off the brush, and drill a hole in the opposite end)
Old clothes or sheets (a plastic grocery bag full should be plenty)
Class Fee: none
Class size limit: 8

We’ll provide  a handout with pictures, too, and some links to good rugmaking videos.


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