Oct 282010

Continuing the discussion of Chris Martenson’s recs on “What Should I Do?” to build resilience into our lives we come to  the section on Heat, Power and Electrical Outage.  Since this is something islanders face on an annual basis I’m going to guess that it is one area that almost everyone has thought about and has done something about. We are subject to several days a year of power outage and it’s nice to have that backup generator (something Chris doesn’t mention), a wood stove, batteries, lanterns, blankets and comforters.

He makes a crucial point that is true regarding any kind of disaster preparation: “Think of it this way:  The difference between having 3% of the electricity you desire and having 0% is literally like day and night.  This also goes for heat, communications, and every other system you rely on in your day-to-day life.  So even if you can only move your total preparation from 0% to 3%, you will still have significantly improved your situation.”

Isn’t that the whole point of this exercise? Do something to prepare for an uncertain future. If you are operating under the presumption that things will be okay, that we are just in a down cycle, that jobs will be created, that homes will start selling again, that your pension checks will continue to arrive in the mail and that our “leaders” know what they are doing, you’re taking a big risk.

Take a bit of time and read through the Chris Martenson articles on What Should I Do? and do something, even it it’s just a little something. Also, Martenson has some very smart and faithful readers and at the bottom of each article are comments that add lots of interesting ideas and illustrative photos to the discussion.


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  1. I realize these units are no substitute for streaming electricity and heat, but they are cool, and are portable. I’m debating as to which one to buy based on my particular needs. As we transition, necessity and adversity will be the mother of invention. Bring it on.


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