May 092011

I guess we can be pleased that Montsanto, hasn’t chosen Lummi Island to field trial frankencrops—genetically modified plant life that will ultimately, through pollen exchange, mess up our ecosystem unless we step up and do something about it. The action we should take is to demand that GMO vegetables and products containing GMO be labeled so we can boycott them. If no one buys GMO it will disappear. So far, the rich multi-national corporations have fought off attempts to label their freakish products. Foreigners are apparently smarter than we are because 30 or so of them have forbidden the sale of GMO.

Unfortunately, the USA is more business oriented. Hawaii is a particular problem with the State of Hawaii and the University supporting field trials and experimentation. People should know, for example, that most commercially grown papaya is GMO. On our visits to Oahu’s North Shore the fields of GMO corn grow adjacent to the village of Haleiwa.

Earth Justice has made an excellent short film (below in three parts) which shows how environmental and native groups in Hawaii are fighting back. If you don’t think GMO is a problem, you need to pay closer attention. The goal of the big seed companies is to control the food supply. This is just one reason why backyard gardening and seed saving is extremely important to guarantee that we have a future.


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  1. I also recently learned that GMOs often use disease-causing bacteria in order to insert the modified genes into cells. Cells have a robust defense system to protect themselves from gene tampering. Scientists have to use bacteria to make the cells sick in order to get past the natural defenses. In some cases these bacteria have produced allergic reactions. However, it’s rare that problems can be traced back to the source because labelling of GMO foods is not required.

    Just today I learned something new to help identify GMO fruits and vegetables. You know those little stickers you see on fruit with a number on them? Most start with a 4. If the number starts with 9 it’s certified organic. What I just learned is that GMO fruits and veggies will have numbers starting with 8. Don’t buy them! Vote with your dollar. It’s literally the only thing that matters to large corporations.

  2. And here’s more pause for GMO thought:

    Summary: Third generation hamsters fed GMO soy were unable to reproduce.

  3. Responding to:
    Summary: Third generation hamsters fed GMO soy were unable to reproduce.

    Well, (like the article said) this would indeed be one solution to human overpopulation.

  4. Heh. Selective extinction? Those who aren’t paying attention to the facts about GMOs?

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