Apr 202010

Have to confess that I’m shocked that a member of the mainstream media (ABC) has been airing in prime time a show about how badly we eat and how unhealthy it makes us. Jamie Oliver is a British chef, restaurant owner and social activist who is on a mission to change the way we eat. His great experiment is taking place in Huntington, West Virginia in the local school system where somehow he got permission to attempt to make changes to the school menu.

School food has been bad for a long time. It’s been fifty years since I escaped from the high school cafeteria but I still remember going for the hamburger line and grabbing a burger and a piece of lemon meringue pie every single day of my senior year. Nothing much has changed as the Huntington HS school students usually opt for a burger and a plate of fries or a piece of pizza.

Oliver makes a noodle dish with about five different kinds of veggies in it and the dietitian goes nuts because his menu doesn’t have enough vegetables. The burger and french fry routine does qualify. Like the old joke about ketchup qualifying as a vegetable.

The Washington Post’s TV critic has a cynical but mostly fair take on the show.  The fact remains that someone is trying to do something about America’s crappy diet and kudos to ABC for putting it on the air.


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  1. It’s a start. Being a veteran in school cafeterias..student, then teacher, I can testify that it has been pretty nasty overall. I applaud the efforts to getting our kids (and parents) into a healthier place with their food intake. Just look around at all the obesity…and you know it is a serious situation. BOTH kids and adults.

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