Mar 232010

Expertise in gardening comes from experience. There are only a handful of expert gardeners on the island. I’m too new at this to be considered one of them. But I learned a long time ago that reading and research is a type of experience and can enhance expertise.

The internet is a constantly amazing resource, like having all the world’s encyclopedic knowledge at one’s fingertips. A terrific source of information on gardening is the Journey to Forever on line library which lets you read many of the classics of farm/garden literature.

Every gardener should know a bit about Sir Albert Howard whose research started the organic farming movement. You can read his books on Journey to Forever.

Likewise, reading Lady Balfour’s work on soil and worms provides background on how organic gardening philosophy developed over the years.

One of my favorites in the collection is Seaweed and Plant Growth by W. A. Stephenson who explains the benefits of applying seaweed to the garden.

There are classic texts on the earthworm, books on tree crops, weeds, compost, humanure, farm devices, poultry and bio-gas production.

In addition, Journey to Forever links to several vast collections of books, pamphlets and articles of wide interest to the gardener.

Skim a couple books from this library. It will be worth your time.


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