May 182011

The Friends of the Island Library (FOIL) have arranged for Nicole Foss to speak at the Grange at 7:30PM on June 2.

An amazing coup for Lummi Island to get a speaker of this quality.

Courtesy of Bert, here are some oldies but goodies from Nicole Foss (Stoneleigh) to give you a flavor of her thought process and the information she is providing to readers of her blog Automatic Earth and to the crowds who come to see her speak.

Learning to survive

Peak Oil

Deflated Economy

The Future Belongs to the Adaptable

Fukishima Fallacies

Receding Horizons


  2 Responses to “June 2, Nicole Foss”

  1. Is anyone available to tape Nicole’s talk? I hate missing the opportunity to hear her but alas the road calls.

  2. JIm,

    There might be some issues with recording the talk as Ms Foss does sell DVDs of her presentations. But I have one I can loan you if no one does record it. I’m sure it has her essential message minus the really current topics of the moment.

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