Oct 242012

This coming Saturday (Oct. 27), at 10am at the Grange Hall, Brad Hippert, formerly CEO of Porteon, an electric (NEV) car company will talk to those interested about what he calls, “Civic Ecological Transportation”.

With everything that we might face in the future such as climate change, rising fuel prices or fuel shortages, declining economic situation, demographic change, even health considerations looking at alternative ways to get around the island make sense. And, it makes sense to do it sooner or later.

James Kunster has written consistently about “happy motoring” and the end of suburbia suggesting that the future might limit our ability to globe trot and trade requiring strong local economies. Take a trip to Seattle on I-5. Note that most of the vehicles are not in car pool lane. One car; one driver. Going where we want, when we want is an insatiable habit.

Some people, many in fact, believe that technology will find a way to solve our problems and let us continue happy motoring. Unfortunately, most technology is driven by fossil fuel and the ability to process heavy metals and other materials required for batteries, etc. Perhaps we will discover free energy, develop water powered engines or other technologies that have been discussed for many years.

In the meantime, if we want to be powered around we have but few choices: line up at the pump, bike, walk, get a horse or experiment with electric powered vehicles (cars, scooters, bikes).

It makes for an interesting discussion and I’ll be interested in what Brad has to say on Saturday.


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