Mar 262012

Twenty people attended Nancy Ging’s Locavore workshop at the Grange on Saturday and came away with a better understanding of the benefits and challenges of eating local. The benefits are many: improved local economy, development of successful local food producers, reduction in the use of fuel, better health, the satisfaction of knowing who raised and produced the food you eat, tastier food and more.

Nancy recommended that those of us wanting to become locavores—one who eats local food, defined as food produced within 100 miles—ease into it gradually. One of the best ways to do this is to participate in a CSA—Community Supported Agriculture. Since no one on the island is operating a CSA picking up your weekly food box will mean a run to town. However, there may be a solution.

Acme Farm and Kitchen has a very interesting business model that I will detail in the next blog post. If Acme can get five families to sign up for their service they will deliver to Gooseberry Pt making it quite easy for the participants to pick up their CSA boxes. There will be an informational meeting about Acme Farm and Kitchen on Thursday, April 12. Space at the meeting is limited, contact Janice Holmes 758-2559 or Nancy Ging 758 2529 for more information and to reserve your spot.

The next Grange Country Living Workshop will be Saturday, March 31 at Al and Sheila Marshall’s orchard which is located adjacent to Westshore Bed and Breakfast on Westshore Drive. We will learn a lot more about pruning fruit trees than we know now. Bring by-pass hand pruners, by-pass loppers, pruning saws and ladders if you have them.


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