Jan 042012

Nancy Ging has created a website for Lummi Islanders which does what Next Door does and more.

http://lummiislanders.com/ is set up like as a web site and offers links to news, local weather, local tides, an events calendar plus links to local websites. Using the Lummi Island Community Portal you can do all the things that Next Door does (post videos, photos, list events, sell stuff, tout suppliers and other resources, post jobs and locate local blogs. It’s an all Lummi Island site like Next Door. The difference is that it is all managed locally with no reliance on off islanders.

Next Door has proven that the community needs a way to communicate easily and Next Door does a good job in a social network format.

But, experiment with the Lummi Island Community Portal and see if you like it and if you think it would work for us as well or better than the Next Door site. The Lummi Island Community Portal is locally owned and operated (by Nancy Ging).


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  1. Thanks for the post Randy. I’ve been promoting the Nextdoor (ND) site since inception after Robert asked me to join in. It’s been an interesting two months, with over 130 households participating The recent drama of ‘Lost Willie’ that played out over the holidays will be featured on their Blog in the coming weeks why it’s so important for communities to have a way of staying in touch with one another. Many other issues arise too. Emergency Prep, Barter systems, Event notices (Brown Betty is down again), and community building.
    Like anything else, ND had some great features (graphical interface), and some real shortcomings (no local customization, too twittery for most) to do all we want it to do. ND featured, and continues to point the way to Portal for some weeks now.
    Nancy and I have communicated on both sites, trying to find the balance of what’s needed, what’s available, and what works for Lummi Island. We’re not there yet.
    I have my own opinion of Portal, but would like to here others thoughts on the site after trying it out.

  2. Gads, aside from some spelling errors, and poor grammar, I hope my post was readable. Note to self, drink coffee in the wee hours before posting something.

  3. I think there is a big difference between Next Door and local news sites. ND is LIMITED TO LOCAL. News sites like Nancy’s are PUBLIC.

    Lummi Island ND was the first social network I ever joined (I will not do Facebook!), just because of its insular arrangement.

  4. One of the things that may be an issue with the Portal, is there seems to be no evidence of anybody on Lummi Island accessing or using it. With ND, when you log in, it tells you there are 136 people actively reading the posts there, and a list of all the people who come and go. One sort of gets the idea that ND is an active, flowing, community communication medium.

  5. I was trying to secure the new Exec, Jack Loues for our LICA potluck, but that fell through. I’ve now pitched the idea of having both Nextdoor and Portal’s chief bottle washers (Robert Keller and Nancy Ging) to do about a 10 minute walk-around their websites using the overhead projector, then follow up with some Q&A and suggested content from the audience. That should be some good feedback for both.
    I should know something by this weekend and will follow up here.

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