Jul 122010

This coming Sunday, July 18, twenty Lummi Island vegetable gardens will be open to view. This is a fund raiser sponsored by the Beach School Foundation with all proceeds going to the Beach School. The Beach Store Cafe is the co-sponsor and will provide a special lunch menu in their outdoor room and donate the proceeds to the school. So please stop in for lunch from 12-2pm. The garden tour is divided into two sections 9am to noon. 2pm to 5pm.

Here’s a map of the tour to give you a head start in planning for Saturday’s event.

The purpose of the tour is to encourage more people to grow their own food. Surprisingly, a lot of food can be grown in small spaces. I’ve written about this before regarding the well-known (in gardening and permaculture circles) Little House Near The Freeway. On our garden blog we’ve followed the impressive work of my nephew and niece on their small Portland urban lot.

The July 8 Seattle Times had a cover story titled “Extreme Gardening.” A young Seattle woman, inspired by Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle decided to grow her own food. What she has accomplished in one year should inspire everyone. She blogs at www.sustainableeats.com I’m impressed with what she’s learned in one garden season (though worried that things will be a bit crowded in her 1/5 acre by mid-summer).


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  1. The post says the tour is Saturday, July 18. Saturday is July 17, and July 18 is Sunday, so which day should I plan on?

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