May 242011

Transition Whatcom is reporting some interesting events and opportunities in their recent email

Sunday, May 29  from 10am to 4pm – Inspiration Farm . Plant a garden and eat for a year, plant a Forest Garden and eat for decades! This hands on workshop will give you a good understanding to design, plant and orchestrate a perennial food forest. North… Organized by Brian Kerkvliet

Tuesday, May 31. “RE Sources for Sustainable Communities will host an event at the Fairhaven Village Green featuring New York Times bestselling author and founder, Bill McKibben.  The event starts at 5 pm, with a concert by local favorites Millie and the Mentshn.  Bill will begin his talk on coal, climate change, and activism at 7 pm.  There will also be an information fair from 5pm-9pm, which will feature local organizations (including Transition Whatcom and its work group) working to prevent climate change and coal exports from Cherry Point. The event is free and open to the general public.”
Transition Whatcom and were the grantors of the $350 our orchard project recently received.

Thursday, June 2, Nicole Foss appearing at the Lummi Island Grange at 7:30pm. Nicole’s other NW appearance is Seattle. This is a great opportunity.

June—Whatcom Folk School begins classes.  Whatcom Folk School has printed its first free catalog of summer classes with about 65 classes and 50 instructors and will include topics such as Fermentation of Foods, Tree Climbing with Gear; Woodworking Skill Building for Women, Ayurvedic Medicine, Home brewing of Beer, Tatting (Lace making), Outdoor Cooking, Problem Solving Workshops, Living Democracy, Urban Homesteading, Permaculture, Backyard Poultry, Raising Rabbits, Sustainable Agriculture, and much more.  Check here for a map which shows locations where you can pick up a catalog.


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