Mar 192011

Chris Martenson is getting really serious  about the Japan situation and how will might affect us economically.

In a post titled:
Alert: Nuclear (and Economic) Meltdown In Progress he begins—”It is with a heavy heart that I am now issuing the highest level alert to my readers than I have to date. The threshold for an alert is one or more world events that personally cause me to take action…

Read the whole thing here.

And, by the way, does anyone know of a geiger counter on the island? Might be the most effective lie detector we could have right now.


  2 Responses to “Maybe The Sky Is Falling”

  1. For those of you who haven’t yet encountered Rebecca Solnit’s amazing essays and books, here’s one posted today on TomDispatch about packing — and unpacking — for disasters, titled “The Earthquake Kit.”

    Keying off what’s been happening in Japan, Solnit thoughtfully considers ways we can truly prepare. Her point: it’s about a WHOLE lot more than the gear.

  2. Whoops. Right article and link, wrong title on Solnit’s piece: “Unpacking for a Disaster”

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