Jul 082010

In order to changes one’s thinking about how the world really works, it’s helpful to get acquainted with folks who think differently. There’s Glenn Greenwald writing at Salon.com on civil liberties. You have to buy Salon premium to read Glennzilla every day and he’s worth every penny. Matt Taibi blogs for Rolling Stone and writes long exposes for the magazine that makes the establishment’s hair stand on end. I’ve mentioned Kunstler repeatedly on this blog and his weekly tirade about happy motoring. Charles Hugh Smith is another smart guy who understands and explains how we are guilty of “overreach” in the way we approach our lives. All these fellows have strong writing styles. The ladies are involved as well. Check Sharon Astyk and Katherine Austin Fitts.

But you ought to meet Joe Bageant, a favorite of all doom and gloomers. Joe lives in Mexico and tells it like it is from south of the border:

“Consequently, the 100-year-long oil suckdown that put industrial countries in the tall cotton, now threatens to take back from subsequent beneficiary generation everything it gave. The Hummers, the golf courses, the big box stores, cruising at 35,000 feet over the Atlantic — everything.

You’d never know that, to look around at Americans or Canadians, who have not the slightest qualms about living in that 3,500 square foot vinyl sided fuck box, if they can manage to make the mortgage nut, or unashamedly buying a quadruple X large Raiders Jersey because, hey, a guy’s gotta eat, right? Why don’t I deserve a nice ride, a swimming pool and a flat screen? I worked for it (sure you did buddy, your $12,000 Visa/MasterCard tab is proof of that).

The doomers and the peak oilers gag, and they call it American denial. Personally, I think it is somewhat unfair to say that most Americans and Canadians are in denial. They simply don’t have fucking clue about what is really happening to them and their world. Everything they have been taught about working, money and “quality of life” constitutes the planet’s greatest problem — overshoot. Understanding this trashes our most basic assumptions, and requires a complete reversal in contemporary thought and practice about how we live in the world. When was the last time you saw any individual, much less an entire nation, do that?”

His July 6 essay, Waltzing At the Doomsday Ball is one of the best short essays on our economic plight that you can read. I highly recommend that you get acquainted with Joe.


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  1. The antidote for too much doom and gloom, brought on by spending excessive time on the internet: Go out to the garden & commune with your vegies. Throw a few slugs. Wrench some weeds and leave ’em to die a cruel death in the sun. Shake a stick at the bunnies. And remember to hug Linda at least 5X/day.

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