Dec 162011

Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, puts out a daily newsletter from his Natural News website which has 2,000,000 subscribers. If you aren’t one of them you are missing out on some interesting information. One of his recent posts pretty well details his own POV. Should You Leave the USA Before the Collapse?

Adams has very alternative viewpoints particularly about health medicine and food and he will provide you with news that you won’t get from the newspaper. He’s on top of a lot of stories that our media ignores like Fukishima and the disaster that continues to unfold there. If raw milk is under attack, he will be on top of it. If a medical study reveals that chemo causes brain damage, you will find it in his newsletter. If there is new information on the dangers of fracking he will bring it to you. The extent of his daily reporting on extremely important subjects is amazing.

His website also offers lots of information on survival and prepping. Obviously, this is his business and he also sells products and advertising. I encourage you to subscribe to his free newsletter and check out some of the articles and make your own judgement as to his value.

It’s easy to subscribe by entering your email into a box on the right side of his home page.

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  1. Very crucial input. Really you have written well. Love to read more about this. Keep it up! 🙂

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