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Guest Post from Brian Giffin

Friday, March 18th 2011

Dear family, friends and neighbors,

We’ve got lots of water treatment pills on hand, but.

So here is the best information I can find to date.  Wikipedia changed it’s story overnight on the water treatment pills.  This is apparently not a fallout solution, altho I’m going to drink a few quarts.  More iodine seems to be a very good thing and the taste reminds me of backpacking in Wyoming.   Information is scarce at the moment on how to react.

The problem at the reactors for Japan is enormous, that word isn’t big enough.  It doesn’t seem to present a similar fallout risk over here.  They are fixing this as fast as any humans could, while running out of food.  Major assistance is needed in Japan on all levels.

It seems self evident that if fires are burning uncontrolled in the barely depleted uranium storage tanks, plutonium is getting into the atmosphere once again.    What’s there now comes mostly from our USA 1950’s bomb tests.  It decays incredibly slowly and is the most poisonous substance known.  It and 200 other isotopes will be increasing worldwide, as long as the fires burn.  There are no safe radiation increase levels, it’s all cumulative and permanent for the planet.  Immense power and money is committed to keeping this reality fuzzy in your mind.  It’s children who are getting hurt the most by these big boys and their toys.  All forms of radiation negatively affect mothers and children much more than old men, they might get rich.

I do plan to improve my intake of Iodine, this seems to be prudent and good for health generally.  People with iodine deficiencies absorb more when exposed.  I think the iodine water treatment pills are meaningful as a good boost to the system.  They contain about 6 mg per pill.  Military studies gave soldiers a lot of it for months without side effects.   In case somehow the situation gets worse,  it should not be used in an attempt to get to the CDC recommended levels.  This can only be done safely with the KI pills or Lugols Solution.  Both are hard to get.  Iodine may help prevent the uptake of other radiation somewhat, this needs research.  Zinc showed good results in animal studies.  Kelp is a good source, 24 pills equal about 6 mg.  Older people with Lugols Solution should consider sharing with young families if it’s needed.  We old farts don’t count so much right now, they do.

Lugols Solution is a liquid form of Iodine that is more available than KI pills, it is very concentrated and needs careful use.  I hope to know more soon.  Apparently radioactive iodine decays in days so it is most troublesome up close.  This pollution isn’t being put directly into the stratosphere.  That is a nuclear weapons issue.  Then, it wouldn’t be local.

In my best case scenario, the world pulls together to bury this piece of Hell in record time, like that guy Bolt.  China can move a mountain in a hurry if anyone can.  Then we get to take a look in our own backyards.

Hanford, Washington has an identical Mark 1 reactor with the same immense spent storage rod problem plus everything else they have.  It’s all downstream from the Grand Coulee Dam that could break in an earthquake.  This is just physics, downhills, earthquakes, plutonium and stuff like that.  I try not to argue with physics.  California has 2 ancient Mark 1’s near LA on the ocean next to a big fault line.  Fukushima could be happening there.  We have 23 Mark 1’s in operation in the USA.

Peace on Earth,
Brian Giffin

Lummi Island, WA 98262
360 758 2140

Disclaimer:  I’m not a medical person, just a dad.  My family has been fighting nukes since the 50’s.  This letter comes from my most conservative Kentucky instincts.  The pro nuke apologists are the dangerous free radicals.  Two new plants are planned for Texas, to be owned and operated by TEPCO of Fukushima, Japan. I’m not making this up. 24 Billion USD in construction loans to be guaranteed by your US taxpaying grandchildren.  Only human beings care to stop this insanity. Our corporate entities have no souls, no children.

The Iroquois, not the French, gave us constitutional representative government.  They’ve been at it since 1142.  We should have also adopted their war council plan.  Women alone choose one male tribal war council representative. Full consensus was required at the 100 plus multi tribal war council.  What if the women were put in charge of all our nukes and the Pentagon?  We wouldn’t be fighting over teacher salaries.  Think about it.

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  4 Responses to “More On Radiation”

  1. Here’s a link to NW meterologist CLiff Mass’s weather blog (Fri 3-18)o) where he showed various wind West-to-east currents related to potential US radiation.

  2. Hope Mr. Mass is right. Hope the the Whatcom Health Department is right. Hope Obama is right. Seems to me, though, that saying we have nothing to worry about is a pretty bold statement.

  3. And here’s a link to the continuous radiation monitoring map for the US.

    Of course if Corporations and The Government are conspiring to keep us from knowing what the radiation truly is, then neither this map nor anything other than your own Geiger counter will be of any practical use.


    Latest from Dr. Brownstein, the iodine doc. You may have to register your email to read it.

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