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An informational meeting will be held on Thursday April 12 at 6:00 p.m. about Acme Farms + Kitchen, a CSK or Community Supported Kitchen that supports local agriculture and is working to build a truly sustainable food system.  The business provides locally produced food, has online shopping and with 5 island subscriptions will deliver to the ferry landing.  Minimum weekly order is a small box for $45 a large box for $65 may also be ordered.

From Nancy Ging’s Whatcom Locavore blog:

On Friday, AF+K emails all their members with information about what proteins will be available the next week. Beef, poultry, pork, and wild salmon are all possibilities. Based on that information, members log into the AF+K website store and order the Turf or Surf options, as well as any other products they want included in their delivery. The basic food packages are large and small “locavore” boxes, similar to what you’d get in most other CSA programs, but with a twist. AF+K boxes include dinner menus and recipes utilizing the week’s ingredients. The small box includes at least three meals and the large box includes five meals (based on a family of four).

Besides seasonal local organic produce, the boxes currently include a loaf of bread from Breadfarm Bread, a wedge of cheese from Samish Bay Cheese or Gothberg Farms, a pound of pasta from Bellingham Pasta Company, one dozen pasture raised eggs, a dairy selection (cream, yogurt, ice cream), a rotating pantry item (dried beans, honey, flour, pancake mix, etc.), and a selection of 2 meats/proteins (either grass fed beef, pastured pork or chicken, wild fish). There’s even vegetarian and gluten-free options on the small locavore boxes.


Learn more about the business at their website

Space at the meeting is limited, contact Janice Holmes 758-2559 or Nancy Ging 758 2529 for more information and to reserve your spot.


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  1. Hi Randy, Where will the meeting be held? Is there an option to only buy meat and eggs?

  2. It will be at Janice’s house. There is a meat and egg option. Click through the two links (to Whatcom Locavore and Acme’s website) for a lot more detail.

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