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I don’t want to be an evangelist for a vegetarian diet, though I have been a strict vegetarian since 1973. What people eat is their business, not mine. From a transition standpoint, however, and from the viewpoint of sustainability, I think I can argue that in hard times a vegetarian diet would be easier to manage. The problem most people have with a veggie diet is the fear that they won’t get enough protein. OthersĀ  can make the argument as to why protein is not really an issue better than I can. I will attest to the fact that I’ve never found it a problem.

A second argument against vegetarianism is that certain body types need meat and certain people don’t feel well on a vegetarian diet. This one is hard to dispute but I can only attest that I’ve known hundreds of vegetarians and even raw foodists of various body types and most seem to survive on the veggie diet.

I am suggesting that everyone experiment with a vegetarian diet. Consider it preparation for hard times. Try it for a month so you know you won’t die. Learn to prepare brown rice, quinoa, couscous and polenta. Sprout some sunflower seeds. Cook big veggie soups. Roast and steam vegetables. If you crave fat, experiment with nut pates and nut milks. Make some cheese. Clever cooks might want to attempt some meat substitutes like gluten steaks.

Recently there have been a couple of high profile additions to the ranks of vegetarians. Pro golfer Phil Mickelson was recently diagnosed with something called psoriatic arthritis. He is getting a shot each week for the condition but has also switched to a veggie diet. This is not his preference. In fact, it causes him some PR problems as he is a principle owner of Five Guys Burgers. Phil told assembled reporters that he guessed they’d have to develop a veggie burger.

And then there’s Bill Clinton:


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  1. What do you recommend for diabetics and pre diabetics who want to be vegetarian? How do they avoid all of the high glycemic grains? Doctors are recommending to them the South Beach diet which is vegetables and…animal proteins, not plant proteins.

  2. I recommend you find a good naturopathic doc. I’m not licensed to blog, let alone make diet recs. But my overall recommendation is that everyone take full responsibility for their own health. Do a lot of reading and research.

  3. The Mayo Clinic thinks a vegetarian diet is beneficial for people with diabetes:

    Hope this helps!

  4. Clinton looks very sick to me!

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