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Note: There is an active Transition group in Bellingham which is looking for new members and for those interested in being part of the leadership group. Transition Whatcom also has a number of workshops and events planned which are detailed at the end of their most recent newsletter.

Transition Whatcom Seeks Members Who Want to Lead Its Next Steps

Now that Transition Whatcom has adopted a new structure, we invite TW members who are interested in becoming part of the Organizational Core Group.

The purpose of the Core Group is to support Transition work being done in our communities, plan for and coordinate this effort, and inspire transition work to continue and spread rhyzomatically!

The Core Group’s job (not all inclusive) is to:

1.    To serve the Vision and Mission of Transition Whatcom
2.    to keep the focus of transition work on the Vision and Mission
3.    attend the TW Council meetings
4.    create strategy and shared governance with the Council
5.    speaking engagements
6.    be liaisons with Transition US and other TIs
7.    create a mentorship process for revolving leadership of the Core Group
8.    set the Council meeting annual schedule
9.    manage the Council agenda
10.    provide leadership of TW
11.    *awareness raising in Whatcom County – movie showing, speaking engagements, etc
12.    *fundraising and management of existing funds
13.    *supporting new TIs – for events, website management and changes, volunteer coordinating
14.    *support for all TW members and initiatives, administrative and otherwise

If you’d like to apply to become a TWOG member, send an email indicating your interest before July 15 to David Marshak at:  david.marshak@gmail.com

On July 15 we will send you details of the application process and the criteria by which TWOG members will be selected. Applications will be due by July 28, and selections will be announced on August 6. Soon after that date the TWOG will come to life!

More info here.

Upcoming Transition Whatcom Sponsored Events

TW’s Community Living Group Picnic at Cornwall Park
Time: July 8, 2010 from 5:30pm to 8pm
Organized By: Renata Beata Kowalczyk
Learn more about the Community Living Group here.

Starhawk, Bill Aal, and Dana Lyons: Social Permaculture and Transition

Friday, July 9th, 6:30 – 9:00 pm at Presence Studio, 1412 Cornwall Ave. Bellingham (up the stairs above
Bellingham Bar and Grill).
Admission: $10-$25 sliding scale, as a fundraiser for Earth Activist Training, and Transition Whatcom.

“In It for the Long Haul: Social Permaculture and Transition” – a presentation at Presence Studio by Starhawk and Bill Aal, with music by special guest Dana Lyons! The evening will be an interactive event
exploring how we can sustain our selves, our relationships, community and the places we live for the long haul.

Sponsored by Earth Activist Training, and co-sponsored by Presence Studio, Transition Whatcom, Sustainable
Bellingham, and RE Sources for Sustainable Communities.

Starhawk is the author of eleven books, including The Spiral Dance, and The Fifth Sacred Thing, www.earthactivisttraining.org.She blogs at www.starhawksblog.org and her website is www.starhawk.org.

William Aal is deeply involved in social and environmental justice work with a particular focus on agricultural
sustainability and social healing, and is a Trainer for Transition United States. For more info about this event, contact

Permaculture 101
Event Date: 7/10/2010
Homestead Habitats LLC. Permaculture 101 covers “What is Permaculture?”, “Where is it Happening?”, and “How do I Permaculture?”. The full day course will include lecture, slideshow, group work and hands on activities, so come prepared to learn. This course will cost $25-50 on a sliding scale. Students need to RSVP to find the location and be sure to bring a sack lunch. Email:  HomesteadHabitats@gmail.com or Call: (360) 312 3928

Permaculture 202
Event Date: 7/11/2010

Permaculture 202 goes into a bit more depth. We will use real properties to learn the basics of site assessment, the design process and implementation strategies. Hands on activities and group work will help students apply these techniques and gain a better understanding of Permaculture Design. This course will cost $25-50 on a sliding scale.
Students need to RSVP to find the location and be sure to bring a sack lunch. Space is limited to sign up quick!”

Email:  HomesteadHabitats@gmail.com, or Call: (360) 312 3928

Permaculture Design Course with Michael “Skeeter” Pilarski
Event Date: 7/12/2010 – 7/25/10
This two-week intensive Permaculture Design Course will be taught by local legend Michael “Skeeter” Pilarski and other instructors. The main focus is learning permaculture principles and design methodology.  The course covers the traditional Mollison permaculture curriculum as well as lots of local knowledge. Residential course, held at Skalitude Retreat Center in the Methow Valley (North Central Washington.) For more info or registration, go to:
Visit Transition Whatcom


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