Feb 282011

“A message to all members of Transition Whatcom

Volunteers Needed for May Event!
The Transition Whatcom Organizing Group is planning for a special event in
May (targeted for May 13th/14th/15th) that would bring together the entire
Transition Whatcom membership for a weekend of teaching, learning, doing and
sharing- with a focus on energizing Our Personal Transitions (OPT). If you
are interested in helping to organize and/or work at the event please let us
know! You can email Warren Miller at warren@wavefrontmarketing.com to get on
the volunteer list. Thanx!

Save the Date – Second Transition Whatcom Assembly

March 27th, 2011, 1PM – 4PM
The Assembly is a quarterly meeting, and the opportunity for group leaders
or representatives to inspire and inform others of your Workgroup’s progress
towards learning, sharing and helping our community develop the skills it
can use to transition towards a more aware, less energy-intensive way of
living. The Assembly is open to all, but we will ask all group leaders or
reps to tell us about what they’ve been exploring over the last three
months. For more details review the minutes from the first Assembly meeting
located on the TW Ning site (under TWOG Schedule Discussion, 12/11/10)
and/or email Warren Miller at warren@wavefrontmarketing.com for more
information on the structure of our transition model.

Location to be announced.

Featured Events

Organic Strawberry Planting Workshop at Spring Frog Farm:

March 19th 10AM-4PM

Local organic farm is developing workdays once a month for the purpose of learning through hands-on experience and reaping the bounty of the final product.  During the month of March, we will conduct a strawberry planting day and request a minimum of 8-12 willing participants.  In return, each person actively participating will receive a Free Strawberry U-pick day of up to $40 in value (16lbs of strawberries.) Bring your gloves, water, a potluck dish or snack item, and of course enthusiasm and smile.
5709 Putnam Road, Everson, WA 98247

Biodynamics in Action!
Monthly Roving Workparty at Inspiration Farm on March 20th
Join us for the March Roving Workparty where we will have a chance to see
Biodynamics in action. There will be a general introduction to biodynamics
and calendar-based planting and use of biodynamic preparations on perennial
plantings. Opportunities for hands on work using biodynamic techniques,
pruning, greenhouse planting, biodynamic compost preparation and other
typical spring activities will all be available.

Snacks will be available, and we’ll work from about 1:00 until 4:30.
Inspiration Farm is at 619 E Laurel Rd. Bellingham, WA 98226

Other Upcoming Events- this Week and Next
Lots of events and meetings are scheduled. Visit the Events Page for the
full list and more detailed info on those listed below!

Feb 28th – Energy Descent Action Plan (EDAP) Meeting: 6PM-8PM

March 6th – Personal Finance Workgroup Meeting: 1PM to 3PM

March 22nd – Transition Ferndale Movie Nite- 5:45PM-9PM “King Corn”

Recent Event Postings from the Transition Whatcom Membership
Feb 17th – Wonder of Oneness Film Series- “Dirt! The Movie”: 7PM-9PM

Feb 19th – Co-op Community Shopping Day for South Fork Forest: 7AM-10PM

– Transition Café: 6PM-9PM

Feb 20th – Foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Part I: 12PM-4PM

Feb 22nd – Transition Ferndale Movie Nite- 5:45PM-9PM “Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price”

Feb 27th – Permaculture Design Course at Wild Thyme Farm: 9AM to 2PM

Energy Descent Action Plan (EDAP):

There is now a group working towards completing an EDAP for Whatcom County. Join the group if you would like to get involved and help lay the plan that could lead the way to powered down future. http://transitionwhatcom.ning.com/group/edapgroup


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