Oct 262010

The average person has no idea what’s coming in the next five years. Thus, it’s very hard to motivate oneself to do the things that people like Chris Martenson recommend. So, let’s take a brief break from Chris’s What Should I Do? recommendations and listen to an interview with Nicole Foss.

We are all used to so-called experts bloviating on their subject. It’s rare to listen to a person like Nicole Foss. If one were taking notes you’d want a transcript. Every word is of value and presented in an articulate, accessible manner. Ms. Foss is known as Stoneleigh in the blog world and you can keep up with her work on The Automatic Earth,  a blog I’ve been following for several years.

In the following 35 minute interview (which I guarantee will be worth your time) she lays it all out with excruciating precision. We are in big trouble and it’s important to take steps, even baby steps to get yourself ready. If you are fortunate enough to be on Bert S’s mailing list you’ve already received this. Hopefully, you’ve listened as well.

This is an audio file so you must click on the link and select one of the audio players: Real Player, WinAmp, Windows Media, or MP3. As Bert says: “…just sit back in your heavily padded chair….turn down the lights….close your eyes…..and listen….find the time!

If that isn’t enough Nicole Foss for you go here for a  second interview. Then, bookmark The Automatic Earth and read it once in awhile.


  3 Responses to “Nicole Foss Makes Sense”

  1. What an eloquent speaker, I’m looking forward to her 80 minute presentation after the series is over.

  2. You’ll enjoy the 80 minute presentation….good stuff….Hal Thesen is trying to get her to come to Bham….he even mentioned Lummi Island to her…..who knows.

  3. Great link to Foss’s talk. Thanks for the link. Hey Bert … what’s this email list that Randy mentioned?

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