May 252010

When Totnes, UK was preparing their Energy Descent Plan they asked community members to visualize writing stories from the future. This perceptive poem emerged written by a poet named “Roz.”

“My grandma ate a mango every morning in her day.

Each one wrapped in a plastic pack that she’d just throw away.

She had strawberries in winter – and apples in the spring

She must have been quite special to deserve so many things

Grandma’s house had many rooms but she resided all alone

And a hideout in the countryside made up a second home.

And she had energy to burn at the flick of any switch.

If everything she says is true she must have been quite rich.

The Garden of my grandma was the prettiest you’ve seen

She never grew a single grain or vegetable or bean.

She never had to work the land and get her clothes all mucky

She never had to lift a hand, how could she be so lucky?

Grandma had her very own car, to go just where she’d like

One didn’t have to walk so far, or take the bus, or bike

She didn’t need her neighbours, she knew city folk instead.

I hope that she was grateful for the amazing life she led.

Gran would get on aeroplanes if she fancied taking flight

She’d disappear once every year – for maybe just a fortnight!

She must have been contented when her life was so carefree

I like to hear her stories and pretend that it was me.”


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