Apr 082011

Hard to think about reading a blog let alone writing one. Sun has been out. Opening day of mowing season. The Master’s golf tournament started. Firing up the garden. Working on the Curry Orchard Project. No longer worrying about the ferry because they are saying everything is going to be okay.

Hard to be too concerned about anything on a sunny spring day. I’m sitting here waiting for a package of bees to arrive. It’s time we had pets again. Linda is excited about the bees because costumes are involved.

I was looking forward to April 16 at the Lummi Island Grange at 7:30 p.m. and a  lecture, by Ann Tulintseff, who will explain how states can create their own credit by owning a bank. More on this soon. But now I can’t go because I found out that one of my gardening gurus, Steve Diver, is holding a one day workshop that day in Snoqualmie, WA. He will teach me many new tricks.

Hope many of you will be able to attend Ms. Tulinseff’s talk and tell me about it.


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