Mar 302011

If you haven’t been to the Curry Preserve (Nugent entrance) in the last few days you won’t recognize the place. The blackberries that dominated the right side of the driveway have been ripped out. Root balls have been plucked and the ground has been tilled. Orchard stewards have been at work and the ground is ready for planting. There is a shocking amount of room. In fact, there is room for 31 trees. Planting will start in the next couple of days.

To date we have received approximately $700 in cash donations. This money has been used to buy fencing. Individuals have purchased and donated a dozen trees and we will hopefully have these in the ground and fenced by this weekend.

We have room for approximately twenty more fruit and nut trees. At $60 per tree we are looking to raise another $1200 to build our the orchard. With the have dozen mature trees already at the site this orchard will provide a substantial amount of food to Lummi Islanders in future years.

We are thankful for the Islanders who donated the use of their tractors, backhoes and tillers. It would have been a back breaking chore without them. They exposed  a wonderful area of soil that should be extremely productive for many years.

I hope more people will see the value of this transition initiative as a step for making the island more self-sufficient and worthy of investment. You can make your contribution to the project tax deductible, if that’s important, by donating to the Lummi Island Heritage Trust  and designating the “Curry Orchard Project” as the recipient.


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  1. Seeing all that lovely dirt, I’m sure I’m not the first to think that something appropriate, low care and symbiotic could also be planted between the trees for even more sustainable productivity ie, berry bushes.
    Here on Whidbey we have a large producing garden on the grounds of The Good Cheer Food Bank maintained by community volunteers.

  2. The land truly looks remarkable after all the hard work. It is important for everyone to ALWAYS remember that the Curry Preserve is private property, owned by the Lummi Island Heritage Trust, and to be thankful for them allowing us to make use of it for the benefit of the people. We must remember that the Heritage Trust’s guiding principle is the preservation of land, not people. If we are kind to the land, and do not abuse this privilege, what has been started here will be a great thing for all of us.

  3. Standing on the fresh tilled earth looking at the tree holes I had such a good feeling about what was going to happen here.
    Looking at the older ‘very mature’ orchard that is going to be the back drop for the future fruit trees really makes a person feel full circle.
    That is the Heritage part of this Curry Preserve trust land – current use and past use coming together.

    Thank You Lummi Island Heritage Trust for the ‘Good Feeling’

  4. All good thoughts, Ed. I’m sure the Curry family would be pleased to see the land being productive, well cared for. Thanks for everyones efforts, and Heritage Trust for making this possible.

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