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While we are talking about everything it might as well be noted that I may have reached “Peak Blog”, the point at which half of what I have to say about self-reliance, resilience, preparation for the future, and overt suggestions that island people start to pay attention to what is really going on, has been said.

This is post # 300 and, according to Hubbert’s Curve the rate of production of interesting new blog posts will start to decrease and the cost of producing them will doubtlessly increase. This is clearly a case of resource depletion as an aging mind and stiffening fingers will find the mining and extraction of material to attract and challenge readers more and more difficult.

On the other hand, it should be noted that Peak Blog doesn’t mean I am out of blog posts. In fact, Hubbert’s Theory suggests that there may be as many left as have been used up. What this does mean is that all the easy posts have been expended and in the future consideration will have to be given to Energy Returned on Energy Invested (EROEI). As with my use of oil, I’ll have to practice conservation of ideas and save some of the good stuff for later.

The ability to produce somewhat interesting material will itself be an exercise in resilience and will depend on the participation of choir members to keep the thing going. In a continuing effort to conserve, we will entertain alternative sources of energy and encourage guest posts on pertinent subjects. This will provide additional fuel for the vehicle and allow us to drive a bit further.


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  1. In retrospect, if it were not for this blog, we wouldn’t have a Curry Orchard and a new Curry Management Plan that allows for many of the things we have been talking about (education, more farming, a resource center, energy demonstrations), nor would we have a new Lummi Is. Orchard Park at the ferry dock. All this in one year.
    We wouldn’t have strengthened the bonds of neighbors to exchange ideas on gardening, I wouldn’t have met many new dear friends on Lummi Island that share similar interests, and there would be a sense of hopelessness for the world I’m about to hand over to my children and grandchildren.
    We wouldn’t be tinkering with ideas like the Nextdoor website, a barter system for goods and services, or web resources yet to come, nor would we have created credibility with many of the Islands organizations that sustainability is a good thing. If the last two years of the ferry drama did nothing else, it brought us closer together as a community.
    I for one have to marvel at the amount of change that has taken place on Lummi Island during the last year. If Washington DC could only be so efficient!
    Pat yourselves on the back Mr. Moderator and fellow Bloggers. Well done to All.

  2. I too have enjoyed everything this blog has contributed to the community, and my thought processes. If my comments, alternate viewpoints, and attempts at sarcasm and/or humor have detracted from the the presentations here, I apologize to you and your readers. Perhaps I have enjoyed too much of the freedom you have provided me here, and will henceforth practice carrying a better tune in the choir. There is still a lot of good left here. Please keep it coming.

  3. Ed,

    Don’t change, please.

  4. Mike,

    Appreciate the nice feedback. Need to keep moving the ball down the field Woody Hayes style.

  5. I agree completely with Mike. You have made (and continue to make!) big changes here on the Island, Randy. Not as big as you would hope, I’m sure, but that’s the nature of leadership–you forge ahead and then others use the trail you’ve blazed. I look forward to the gems you are uncovering and sharing. Thank you.

  6. Nancy, I don’t think I was fishing for compliments, but maybe I was. Anyway, feeling good about the effort and since I like to research and write, it’s really not that much of an effort.

  7. It never hurts to remind ourselves from time to time that we must keep doing what we believe is right, not because of some desired outcome, but because it is the right thing to do. Or as Albert Einstein said: “Many of the things you can count, don’t count. Many of the things you can’t count, really count”.

  8. Randy….we’re just in the second inning of the final game of the World, and I do mean World Series……I know the feeling….break on through to the other side of the curve.

  9. I didn’t read this as Randy looking for pats on the back, but a reality that if the momentum of Transition Lummi is to be sustained or better yet expanded, it will take some additional horses hitched to the wagon.
    His plea to the choir to research and write some fresh material will keep the ball rolling along. Relying on one or just a few voices tends to become stale both for the writer and reader alike.
    I accept the challenge and hope others offer their expertise on whatever excites them. Now that winter is upon us, I hope to explore the world of energy self sufficiency, as that will probably be among the most obvious signs that Lummi truly is an Island. Cut the cable, and halt the propane trucks and most of us are screwed in a matter of days – long before all the pantries shelves run empty.
    What’s your passion?

  10. Mike…I think I know what Randy is saying in his latest, and I’m certainly not patting him on the back….I’m encouraging him to carry on. I research material everyday, and send it to Randy. My passion, as Randy can attest to, is spending as much time interacting with nature, on many levels, as I can, while I can. My other passion is trying to keep my friends out of financial trouble, something that could benefit more than a few. My goal is to keep my friends money their own while living in a construct that exists to take it from them on a continual basis. That is enough for me. The people you’re asking to get with it are very busy just surviving economically on the Island. They don’t have time for planting trees, writing in blogs, and other such things. They are trying to survive in a very different world than which they expected to be living in. So I am trying to keep their heads on their shoulders while everybody else are losing theirs. It takes money and time to get energy self sufficient. The fight for the ferry showed that the link to jobs and money is crucial, regardless of the what might come down the pike, or not. The future is unknown. My plate is full. I hope this answers your question.

  11. I forgot one more passion. I’ve been a professional photographer since 1988. I’m represented by Getty Images, the largest stock agency in the world. Like I said, my plate is full.

  12. Sorry Bert, that wasn’t at all directed towards you, but to the choir in general, and mostly towards myself. Time for some of us bench warmers to get in the game.

  13. Some people exude leadership your voice through this wonderful blog has inspired many of us.
    I for one go back through the MANY articles you have written or gleaned from the leaders of the movement what a roadmap you have made for others.

    “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. ”
    John Quincy Adams

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