Feb 282012

This blog started because of a concern about Peak Oil which is a subject that is confusing to some and easy to deny by others. This following 34 minute film does a good job of outlining why Peak Oil is such a significant problem leading to many other peaks: soil, food, water, etc.

It discusses the enormous impact cheap fuel has had on growth and how growth is unsustainable. Many will hope that technology will find a solution to keep our oil based energy way of life moving the graph line up the chart. This seems impossible given the facts and will require that we all begin to retrain ourselves to a more sustainable self-sufficient style of life.


  2 Responses to “Peak Oil Revisited”

  1. Great Film Great Education.. To bad China, India and other countries are modeling after the UNITED STATES AND GREAT BRITIANs Industrial civilization. We have already gone beyond the point of no return.

  2. It always interests me that lots of people talk about being worried about peak oil and how awful it will be, but few of those same people talk about not traveling as much in planes and cars themselves. Not as much fun to think about taking vacations closer to home–or even AT home–as it is to be angry and outraged at oil companies, I guess. Definitely not as easy…

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