Nov 212011

Time to review what we’ve been writing about for the last couple years.

The Transition Town movement started from a believe that Peak Oil and Climate Change would significantly affect the way we live forcing us to a more localized, self-reliant, sustainable lifestyle. During the years since the Transition Town movement started a bigger threat to everyone’s way of life raised its ugly head (and I’m not talking about the ferry lease). The world economy, its back broken with debt, is on it’s way to almost certain collapse. This has reached a critical point with the situation in Europe as world “leaders”, and I use the term loosely, struggle for ways to stave off disaster. Unfortunately, most of the public still believes we are just in a down cycle—that the economy will right itself and begin to grow again.

Yet, there is growing unrest. The Occupy Movement is gaining traction and scaring the PTB to military-type action against protesters even to the point of using military weapons against them. The “leaders” are worried to the point of regurgitating failed legislation like this to provide a legal framework for controlling dissent. Civil disobedience has a long tradition in the USA. Legitimate civil disobedience can morphed quickly by labeling dissent as “terrorism.” “Not possible” you might say. But we now have the theme of the Unitary Executive started by Mr. Bush and continued and expanded enthusiastically by former community organizer, Mr. Obama, who believes it’s within his authority to designate American citizens as subjects for assassination without due process. Anything is now possible.

Financial advisor Richard Maybury recently notified his readers that he felt a bank holiday was a possibility and suggested strongly that some cash be kept at home to tide one over until the government could print additional dollars and get the banks open again. This may be a good starting point for reviewing steps a prepper may have already taken or should consider to prepare for the future.

1. Financial

a. Move to a locally owned bank or credit union

b. Work toward the goal of being debt free

c. Consider investing in gold or silver if you have discretionary funds

d. Keep some cash at home for emergencies

e. Get out of the stock market

2. Community

a. Get involved (Grange, LICA, Church, Civic Club, Fire Department, school, library, Disaster Preparedness, etc.)

b. Build supporting relationships; make some friends

c. Know your neighbors

3. Food

a. Start a garden

b. Build up a short term and long term food supply

c. Support development of community food systems

d. keep chickens or ducks

e. Learn how to cook without electricity

f. Experiment with eating lower on the food chain

g. Gain these skills: canning, freezing, dehydrating, pickling, fermenting

4. Water

a. Store some water

b. Invest in water purification

c. Consider rainwater catchment

d. Update and maintain your well and pumping system

5. Supplies

a. Build up stores of stuff you can’t live without.

b. Invest in tools, parts and barter items

c. Review survival and prepper checklists on the web

6. Medical

a. Get First Aid training

b. Get your dental work up to date

c. Stock up on medicines, remedies, first aid supplies and your favorite snake oils

d. Buy a spare set of spectacles

7. Power and heat

a. Keep your gas tank full

b. Stockpile gas, diesel, lamp oil

c. Wood stove and firewood

d. Explore the solar option

8. Reskilling

a. Learn skills that will add to your value to the community:

b. Weaving, gardening, sewing, gunsmithing, blacksmithing, etc.

The discussion will continue.


  3 Responses to “Prepper Review”

  1. I think about the collapse of our society every so often, and have made good progress on much of the above.
    But I keep coming back to a nagging reality that we on Lummi Island are in pretty decent shape just the way we are. I worry far more for the vast majority of Americans that live in cities or large urban areas. Few know there neighbors, keep supplies on hand for more than a couple of days, know how to forage for food or grow their own, and would be lost if the big box stores didn’t open on time.
    With that said, the ones I love the most are right in the thick of urban living. What do I say to them? Drive or walk to Lummi Is, and you’ll be safe. Just get here. Pioneers walked from St. Louis to Sacramento in a matter of months, I’m told. Civil disorder during collapse will be like the Mad Max movies, as there’s a fine line between being a CIVILisation and anarchy. I remember how quickly the riots in Watts got started, with ordinary citizens turning to animal behavior in an instant.
    No, Lummi Island will be a good place to weather the storm. I hope we can keep the chaos isolated on the mainland, and we’ll settle into tribal life once again.
    Add Security to the list.
    a. have a gun and know how to use it.
    b. have a plan to turn away looters at our shoreline.
    c. have boat and some gas to get your loved ones from the mainland to here. Whatcom Chief? Forget-about-it.

  2. Great site for everything.

  3. Best prepper / resilience article I’ve read in a long time, from Yes! magazine:

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