Mar 102012

Monday, March 12, 6:30pm at the Grange.

All gardeners, wannabee gardeners, friends of gardeners and people who want to see what gardeners look like are welcome to attend. If you don’t have any seeds to swap, come and get some seed to try out. These don’t have to seeds you saved yourself. They can be excess from your seed packets. A packet of seeds contains way more seed than most gardeners can plant in one season so come and trade and pick up some new items and save some money.

Flower seeds are welcome too. Most veggie gardens are full of flowers for good reason. They help attract pollinators and beneficial insects.

Seed saving and seed swapping are a really good indicator of a resilient community interested in growing its own food.

The Gardener’s Network, now sponsored by the Lummi Island Grange, has monthly meetings to provide gardeners a chance to meet and share ideas.  Each meeting has a program. March will be the Seed Swap. In April Krista Rome will join us to discuss beans and grains. In May we will have a program on soil testing.

Check it out. A good group of islanders trying to grow healthy, nutritious food.


  2 Responses to “Seed Swap”

  1. Great turnout and lot’s of seeds to be had. I was able to trade some of my M&M peanut seeds for a bunch of other stuff.
    Thanks Ginny and Randy for getting this going. I don’t feel quite so clutsey in the garden anymore.

  2. I’m really sorry I missed it. I had just returned from NZ and was not yet collected enough. But I saved some seeds from the excellent beans I grew last season and have more than I can use, so if anybody wants a few they’re here for the asking.

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