Apr 222010


There’s a magazine for everything. In the broad category of self-reliance and sustainability there are several, some of which offer free viewing of articles on line.

Backwoods Home Magazine has the basic stuff with articles on gardening, canning, animal husbandry. Backwoods Home has a definitely libertarian point of view. Their regular firearms columnist Massad Ayoob, an experience cop and firearms instructor, is always an interesting read. I’ve subscribed to this a couple of times and keep all the old copies stacked up like National Geographic.

Of course, we can’t forget the mother of all self-reliance magazines—Mother Earth News.  The fact that they are still around gives those of us who weren’t hippies a second chance (I’m still pretty pissed that I spent the best part of the sixties in the military and missed all the fun). A great idea from the current issue is a table top garden.  The magazine is a wonder and you can lose hours on a rainy day on their great website plus sign up for any number of free newsletters on gardening, or skills and projects, or health and environment.

Down to the Roots homesteading magazine tries to capture the spirit of homesteading whether you are on 100 acres or in an apartment. Homesteading, they say, is a state of mind. I’ve never seen a hard copy of this one but they have sample pages here to give you a feel for what they do.

Natural Life Magazine offers a free sample as a pdf download   They offer articles on gardening, green living, sustainable homes, frugal living, natural parenting, life learning and healthy living. This article on What’s Wrong with Peat Moss brought up some points that had not occurred to me.

Back Home Magazine “…is the magazine that delivers useful do-it-yourself information on sustainable, self-reliant living. … the authority for those interested in taking control of their own lives. The bi-monthly issues are packed with clear, practical information on mortgage-free building, solar and renewable energy, chemical-free gardening, wholesome cooking, home business, homeschooling, small livestock, vehicle and workshop projects, and family activities.”

Like I said, there’s a magazine for everything.

UPDATE:  Mother Earth News has a special. $10 for six issues.


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