Nov 162011

Reading Dmitri Orlov on the subject of Collapse makes one begin to speculate about a number of different issues. One of these is medical. What happens if we don’t have access to the huge hospitals that have sprung up in every major population areas including Bellingham. How will we take care of ourselves? Clearly, we will have to become more familiar with preventive methods and self-treatment: herbs, aromatherapy, diet, cleansing and more esoteric modalities such as energy healing.

What’s energy healing? It is a vast area of practice often labeled “quackery” by the powers that be but which is often extremely effective. Aspects of energy diagnosis and healing have worked well for our family (you can Google it—Randy Smith/Diagnosis Unknown).  An example of an energy modality is the flower remedy popularized by Bach (Edward Bach, not the composer). We are fortunate on Lummi Island that we have a Bach-style practitioner (Diana Pepper at Tree Frog Farm) who makes flower essences from local plants. I encourage you to read her website and consider experimenting with her methods.

Another well-known practitioner in alternative medical circles was Royal Rife. Rife developed a frequency machine back in the thirties which he claimed could cure many diseases. He might have been effective as the PTB drummed him out of business. However, his work lives on and can be accessed by joining private associations such as this one. I’ve talked to Dr. Lloyd who runs this association and I read the daily news digests from his group where I found the reference to the radio and film documentary that I want to bring to your attention.

The point of this discussion is that circumstance may require that we look for alternatives in all phases of our lives. Cancer is a huge concern. It is a fear word like “terrorism” and the fear of both has generated huge industries which seem self-perpetuating. Neither the cancer industry or the terrorism industry has accomplished very much.

So, when a music professor at a small college decided to pick up on Royal Rife’s frequency experiments and had some success destroying cancer cells with those harmonics and had a chance to test his theories at a first class medical lab, it’s something to pay attention to. Interestingly, the story has been followed from it’s beginning by Ira Glass of This American Life, one of my favorite shows. Glass was friends with a medical researcher who had been a student of the professor. When the student returned to his alma mater to give a speech on keeping an open mind the professor approached him with an interesting idea—to determine if his frequency generator (a la Rife) could destroy cancer cells. Mr. Glass did a 36 minute audio story which like all of his radio programs is fascinating. You can listen to it here beginning at about the 7 minute mark (if you wish to skip the intro). If you get that far you will also be interested in seeing the actual people in some video clips from this website where filmmaker Gabriel Rhodes is developing a documentary on the story.

Professor Holland’s story is on-going. There is no question, in the alternative medical community however, that Rife technology works. It’s easy to label it “quackery” if you wish. I’m inclined to wonder why more people don’t label the following “quackery.”

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  1. Thanks for mentioning me and our website. I’m happy to talk with anyone on Island or anywhere who would like to understand more of what I do. Here is a short analogy of how flower essences work. Think about walking into your house and turning on a light. If it doesn’t come on and you know the switch and bulb are good, that tells you that there is something going on in the circuit. We are like that,too. We are organic and electromagnetic (as tested in conventional medicine through EKGs and MRIs). Teas, tinctures, salves and pharmaceuticals go to the organic, where flower essence go to the electromagnetic circuits, fields and impluses that feed the physical body. In this way they address the imbalances underlying the presenting symptoms in a gentle and effective way. And they are complementary to other modalities including pharmaceuticals. Questions?

  2. Just picked upt the book by Martha Nussbaum. creating capabilites. It is based on Sen’s economic
    theory ( he won nobel prize in economic 1998).
    I think this is an interesting concept and also the theory behind much of Occupy wall street.
    Cant report until Ive read it

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