Jan 132011

I have four gardening books that I refer to constantly. Two are by Steve Solomon (Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades and Gardening When It Counts).  Steve started the Territorial Seed Company but later on became disenchanted with politics in the US and up and moved to Tasmania where he writes books on how to garden down under. He also moderates the Soil and Health Yahoo discussion group and owns an internet library of important but out of print books on the subjects of health, gardening, homesteading and personal sovereignty. As an avid follower of the Soil and Health discussion group I feel like I’m in contact with Mr. Solomon on a daily basis along with an interesting group of gardeners and health nuts and, as might be expected, just some who are nuts.

A young Tasmanian farmer has started a new gardening website and has been able to get Steve to sit down and talk. Here are the videos he’s made so far. They are short.

The last two give glimpses of Steve’s home garden:

Insurance against hard times

Compost is not enough

You are what you eat

A curtain of beans

The best eating tomato in the world


Carrot Density Planting


More videos have been filmed and will be posted on  padresol.com soon.
By the way, my other two go to books are The Resilient Gardener by Carol Deppe  and The Ideal Soil by Michael Astera.


  4 Responses to “Solomon Speaks”

  1. Informative. Thanks. I’ve wondered why I never had much luck planting veggies in places like forests. It hadn’t occurred to me that early agrarian societies were limited to fertile alluvial plains.

  2. I’m thrilled with this post. Thank you for finding it. Arriving from Alaska to settle on Lummi Island and learn gardening, I chose Steve Solomon as my guru and have wondered how he’s been doing in Tasmania. Please post any more videos of him. By the way, this current posting has two ‘beans’ and no ‘tomatoes’.

  3. Thanks Nancy,

    Corrected the link and added one more that you might have to copy and paste into your browser.

  4. A home-network library system wouldn’t be a bad thing to add to a co-op database either. My contributions would mostly be metaphysics, physics, sculpting/arts, and programming.

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